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8 Jan

Francisco Carrera , Doctor from the University of Cantabria, will keep a talk about " Athena: The hot and energetic universe " at the Athenaeum.

Observing the Universe in X-rays reveals many phenomena and sources of radiation that would otherwise remain hidden and provides us with essential information to understand its nature. The Athena X-ray space observatory is the new major project of the European Space Agency to explore the Cosmos in that range of energies for the 2030s. Although it is expected to revolutionize all branches of Astronomy, its main scientific themes are the hot and energetic Universe: how is ordinary matter grouped to form the large-scale structures we see today? How do the Universe grow and modify black holes? In this talk we will motivate the interest of observing the Universe in X-rays and we will present Athena's abilities in the face of the big questions that she intends to solve.


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