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18 Jan

The Saturdays of Science is a project that meets the growing social demand for scientific knowledge, presenting scientific culture to a wide audience in a rigorous and entertaining way at the same time. Exposing Science rigorously, fleeing the simple spectacle, Saturdays of Science usually has prestigious disseminators with extensive experience in these tasks, and covers a wide range of phenomena. Each session will focus on theoretical and practical aspects of the different areas of experimental sciences (Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Geology, etc.).

Place: Assembly hall. Science Faculty

Time: 11:30. The sessions will be approximately 90 minutes.

Aimed at the public since 7 years

January 18, 2020.


J. Miguel Ruíz Sordo. Dept. Applied Physics. UC

Physical phenomena explained with everyday objects or practices. Temperature and heat. Temperature scales. Thermometers Thermal equilibrium. Heat, spread and effects.


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