29 Aug



Screening of the documentary "Come from afar", by Amal Ramsis

Duration: 85 minutes

Imagine that your father is a Palestinian Arab who decided to fight Franco in the Spanish civil war. Imagine you have brothers and sisters with whom you cannot communicate, because you do not speak the same language. Imagine you have family, but you grew up without your parents ... "You come from afar" tells the extraordinary story of a Palestinian family. The family dispersed as a result of the events that occurred in the last century, from the Spanish civil war, the Second World War, through the Palestinian Nakba or the Lebanese Civil War.

About Amal Ramis:

Born in Cairo in 1972. His documentaries Solo Sueños (2005), Prohibido (2011) and La Estela de la Mariposa (2015), Venís desde Lejos (2018) have been awarded and screened at many international festivals. In 2008 he created "Entre Cineastas" Cairo International Women "s Film Festival, the first annual film festival held by women in the Arab World. In 2009 he was the holder of the Arts and Cultures Chair of the Euroárabe Foundation in Granada. Jury member at several festivals, including CPH: DOX and Documenta Madrid, has directed 55 workshops of the "Women in Correspondence" minute, also held in Granada at the Euroárabe Foundation and has organized 40 cycles of the International Caravan of Arab - Latin American Cinema Made by Women in different cities and countries of the Arab World and Latin America.