20 Aug

Throughout this cycle, six feature films of various nationalities will be screened, in the original subtitled version, which will be preceded by a brief activity for the development of creativity directed by the filmmaker and audiovisual producer Nacho Solana. Viewers can also enjoy a discussion at the end of the screening, which will focus on the author's career and thematic aspects of the film. The talk will take place in the restaurant - El Muelle Café of the Botín Center and will be in charge of Nacho Solana.

August 20 at 9:45 p.m.

Notes for a robbery movie

Elías is a film director who dreamed of making a robbery movie. During the summer of 2013, he reads a story about the arrest of 'The Robin Hood of Vallecas', the leader of 'the sewer band'. He feels then that he has found the opportunity to fulfill his dream. He sends a letter to the jail where he is serving his sentence. Against all odds, Elias receives a response three weeks later. 'The Robin Hood' agrees to go to jail to visit him. (FILMAFFINITY)

Original title: Notes for a robbery movie

Year : 2018

Duration : 85 min.

Country : Spain

Direction : León Siminiani

Screenplay : León Siminiani

Photography: Juan Barrero, Giuseppe Truppi

Cast : Documentary

Producer : Pandora Cinema

Genre : Documentary | Robberies & Robberies

Not recommended for children under 7 years.