20 Aug

The Groucho Cinema (c / Cisneros 4, Santander) will host this August the screening of "Leaving home" (David Trueba), "The Second Act of Elliott Murphy" (Jorge Arenillas) and "Death in La Alcarria" ( Fernando Pomares). The appointment, on Tuesdays 6, 13 and 20 respectively, in the session at 10:30 pm, with an entry of € 5 per day. Three visions of the world of music through the history of three figures as diverse as the Spaniard Francisco Nixon, the American Elliott Murphy and the Alcarreños Brothers Cubero.

These sessions are included in the activities parallel to the 4th Edition of the International Disco and Collecting Fair Santander 2019, organized by Los Huesos de Portobello. The Groucho Cinema will host the screening of these three films in a musical mini-cycle.

" Death in the Alcarria"

Director: Fernando Pomares

A production of the Cubero brothers



A musical western with the musicians Los Cubero Brothers in their search for inspiration through the journey through their homeland La Alcarria. A land of culture and roots now transformed into a lifeless memory. Two brothers looking in their past through the music they create, which is precisely halfway between the popular Castilian songs and the American bluegrass. "Death in La Alcarria" is a musical between the devastated universe of John Ford and the spirituality of Yasuhiro Ozu. A poetic film that wants to connect the viewer with that part of our culture that we lose every day: our roots.