22 Aug

Cinema for the memoryless: Belgian moms

Documentary that recovers the memory of 21 Belgian women of Jewish origin and communist ideology who came to the war in Spain without, in many cases, having previous health experience. Many of those women ended up dying in the Nazi death camps during World War II.

"Belgian Moms" were:

Vera, Golda and Rachela Luftig, Lya Berger, Henia Hass, Rachel Wacsman, Hilda Wajnsztejn, Rajza Goldfinger, Genia Gross, Lucy Blitzer, Frieda Buchhalter, Lily Friedman, Olga Harmat, Gutka Kinzclewska, Anna and Adela Korn, Rosa Leibovic, Marie Mehrel , Stunea Osnos, Rachel Oulianetsky and Cyla Vospe.

Sven Tuytens is a journalist, correspondent in Spain for public television in his country.