30 Aug

The Muelle de Noche is a summer cycle in which the Botín Center cafeteria is transformed so you can have a drink and dance with friends to the rhythm of dance music, by the hand of different prestigious DJs.

On Friday, August 30, the respected Cantabrian DJ Pablo Bolívar will make a session designed for the dance floor with the best house and techno music today.

Pablo Bolívar is a Cantabrian DJ based in Barcelona and internationally successful. He has played all over the world (Tokyo, New York, Berlin, Zurich, Hong Kong, Thailand, Russia ...). He has been publishing music on labels such as Decode Muzique, Regular, Desolat, Culprit, Moodmusic for more than 10 years ... He also has his own Seven Vilas and Avantroots Records, and has remixed people like Gui Borato, Parov Stelar or Joana Molina.

Pablo was born to create music, music that has a preserved and innate nature, and always with quality as a true standard. It will take us on a 3-hour musical trip designed by and for the track.

From 23:00 to 02:00 h and with free access.