20 Sep

The sound menus are a series of concerts accompanied by dinners in which music and creative cuisine merge into El Muelle del Centro Botín. A unique evening in which artists with a consolidated trajectory will add flavor to jazz, soul, flamenco, world or folk music, while attendees taste a menu created specifically by Jesús Sánchez and inspired by the different musical styles of the night.

The main group of the September concert menu is Tres para el tango.

Tres para el tango is a Cantabrian group formed in 2009, which plays a wide repertoire of Rioplatense music: tangos and milongas from different eras, from the most traditional and arrabalero to the most modern and melodic. A tour of the great composers, such as Carlos Gardel, Aníbal Troilo, Santos Discépolo or Astor Piazzola, but also by the most current such as Alberto Magnone or Laura Carmona.

Its three components have extensive experience in music and have performed in numerous bands and projects throughout Spain, different cities in Europe, Montevideo and Buenos Aires.

Three for tango are:

Carlos Expósito: guitar and voice
Aurora Melgosa: accordion
Moncho Ruiz: double bass