27 Sep

Barbara Strozzi , a Venetian by birth, was a soprano and baroque composer. It composed mainly for herself (she was said to be a "virtuosissima cantatrice"). He had a weakness for the cantata genre, and the favorite instrumentation chosen by her was that of two violins and continuous bass. It was, that we know, the first woman in the history of music that lived from the composition, supported by the Venetian aristocracy of the time.

With this program, Raquel Andueza & La Galanía pays tribute to the soprano on its 400th Anniversary.

Pereda Room.

Raquel Andueza, soprano

The Galanía

Pablo Prieto, Violin

David Mayoral, Percussion

Manuel Vilas, Harp Doppia

Pierre Pitzl, Baroque guitar

Jesús Fernández Baena, Tiorba

Program, Homage of Raquel Andueza & La Galanía on its 400th Anniversary

"The Vendetta"

L "Love eraclito

Bella Mia - Anonymous

Dormiglione love

Miei Pensieri

Voglio di Vita Uscir

Donzelletta, Lascivetta - Anonymous

Un Sol Bacio - Anonymous

The Vendetta

Viver In Questo Stato - Anonymous

Che Si Può Fare

Raw Signora - Anonymous

Duration: 75 min. Without a rest