24 Sep

Robert Henke (Germany, 1969) is an artist, an engineer, who works in the fields of audiovisual installation, music and performance.

He develops his own instruments and algorithms as an integral part of his creative process, exploring perceptions of the physical and virtual space of sound, but also of light. His material is images and sounds generated by computer, field recordings, photography and light, which transforms, modulates and recomposes through mathematical rules, real-time interaction and randomized controlled operations.

In addition to an artist (his best known alias, Monolake, is a minimalist dub-techno project that has been active for 25 years), he is one of the main creators and developers of the Ableton Live software: the standard tool for the production and interpretation of the electronic music today in the world.

DUST , which is presented for the first time and exclusively in Cantabria, deals with the exploration of granular and noisy textures and on slow movements of apparently static static material shredded into multiple microscopic games. Sound sources (ranging from the steam of a coffee maker, to a storm, cracks or an electric shock) create intense and dense layers of sound that are remixed, modified and distributed in space covering the entire sound range, from the most serious until ultrasound. Sometimes the sound is merely audible, sometimes it is physical and intense. Based on granular synthesis algorithms, Henke is located in the center of the audience, with the room in the dark and multiple speakers around the audience. In this way, each performance is unique and offers a different dialogue between the audience and the space.

After the show there will be a talk with the artist, with open questions. Directed and recorded by Elena Gómez of the program Radio Atmosphere 3.