26 Aug

Born on July 23, 1944 in Lisbon , Maria João Pires gave her first public concert at the age of 4; He began studying music and piano with Campos Coelho and Francine Benoît, continuing them later in Germany with Rosl Schmid and Karl Engel.

In addition to his concerts, he has made recordings for the record label Erato for fifteen years and Deutsche Grammophon for twenty. Since the 1970s, Pires has been dedicated to reflecting the influence of art on life, community and education, trying to discover new ways to establish this way of thinking in society. Look for new ways, respecting the development of individuals and cultures, to encourage the exchange of ideas.

In 1999 he created the Belgais Center in Portugal, dedicated to the study of the Arts, where Maria João Pires regularly offers interdisciplinary workshops for professional musicians and music lovers. Concerts and recordings are frequently held in the Belgian concert hall; In the future, these will be shared with the international digital community. Six years ago, the pianist initiated two complementary projects in Belgium: the "Score Choirs", a project that creates and develops choirs for children from disadvantaged backgrounds and the "Sheet Music Workshops".

All these projects aim to create an altruistic dynamic among artists of different generations, proposing an alternative to a world that is too focused on competitiveness. These projects, workshops and philosophy are already spreading everywhere.