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8 Jan

The Central Library will host on Wednesday, January 8, the presentation of the book " Orange blossom in thoughts ", the latest work by Manuel López Martínez . During the meeting, the author will be accompanied by Rosa María Cabeza.

Being a traveler with poetry next door is almost a luxury in these times. Being a maker of dreams, around realities, is a human courage. And so we could continue with a string of considerations about the poetic world. All sensitive people, we carry inside the possibility of expressing poetry. The aura appears when he goes in search of it with restlessness and longing. It is obvious, that to write you need inspiration, and this is, with the beloved company of silence. Where there is uproar and revelry there are plenty of poems. The chronicle of this cultural phenomenon tells us about it.

The poetry of Manuel López Martínez in his book "Azahar in thoughts", also achieves that a fine eroticism enters our veins. The magic remedy exists and the author realizes it. Love is always necessary. It follows from a good number of poems. To know it, the poet goes into his life experience. Body and soul speak for themselves through their words.
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