11 Aug

After several years without stepping on the Rubicon stage, the musician Pez Mago returns to present his new album "Dos Lenguas" in a ceremony of rhythm, poetry, vigor and contact with the public that nobody can leave indifferent. Fish Wizard is the new "alter ego" of Lucas, a Madrid singer-songwriter who has already toured much of the world carrying his songs. Now with his new album "Dos Lenguas", his two books of poetry and another of travel, he begins his new tour of Spain and Latin America.

The ninth album by Pez Mago, entitled "Dos Lenguas" is a double disc in which he explores two ways to see the same ten songs, one in acoustic and the other with a "Space Rock" band that includes the guitarist from Caléxico and Javier Cows Chiloé and others. It is produced by DEPEDRO, a band to which Pez Mago belonged for five years and includes a duet song with his friend María Rozalén.

The Pez Mago project aims to take the author's song to unconventional musical fields. His music videos, full of visual poetry, and border rhythms fill this experience with new musicality.

Live, the proximity with the public and the participation of the public, make the experience something very special. Also the rhythm and forcefulness stand out from what is normally understood as "singer-songwriter". In 2017 he received the "Piero Ciampi" Prize from Livorno (Italy) for the best international artist. His latest video clip has already been selected in two national festivals.