22 Aug

With an insurmountable live show, Lluís creates in his concerts a magical atmosphere from beginning to end, turning each performance into a unique and unforgettable experience. With a devilish left hand and a great talent for improvisation, Coloma achieves, together with an energetic rhythmic base, a solid and forceful sound. Great communicator, spread his passion for this festive music to an audience delivered from the first bars. His great technique and virtuosity make him one of the greatest exponents of blues and boogie woogie in Europe.

Lluís Coloma Trío offers a personal music and a repertoire that, combining tradition and originality, fuses in a natural and innovative way the music of New Orleans, rhythm & blues, boogie woogie, rock, blues ... An intense show and full of energy, where the amazing strength of the trio involves an audience that quickly abandons itself to the frenetic and fast-paced rhythms of musicians and the passion and feeling of Coloma's performance, which lives each of its concerts as a total act . A direct and fresh music that starts cheers and creates a hypnotic atmosphere capable of transporting the public on exciting trips. Lluís Coloma's concerts are simply an overflow of enthusiasm.

Lluís Coloma Trío are:

Lluís Coloma - piano

Manolo Germán -contrabajo

Marc Ruiz - drums