23 Aug

The Intercultural Festival of Nations returns to Santander where it will remain installed from August 9 to September 8. In its 14th edition, the festival has become a tourist reference. This year almost twenty music groups from the city, 16 schools and dance academies from Santander and Cantabria, NGOs, Foundations and Associations of immigrants will participate. More than 500 artists will pass through its stage in a month.

On August 23, he will take the Jorge González Festival stage , to offer a concert with his best songs, live.

Jorge González became known thanks to his participation in the fifth edition of the television contest Operación Triunfo. Although he was not the winner, after passing through the program he got a contract on the Vale Music label. His debut album, titled in the Romani language Dikélame, was released in the summer of 2007. His second studio album titled I Come to Fall in Love , was released in 2009. In addition, Gonzalez has participated in other television competitions such as La Voz and La Best Canción Never Sung