22 Aug

Jenny and the Mexicats is a fusion of nationalities and personalities, a band that has a very particular history more than anything accidental. The band had its beginnings in Madrid as Pachucos and the princess, in June 2008.

It all started when Icho (double bass) invited Jenny to live in Madrid. Jenny, 20, had arrived at the right place. Icho called the best guitarist he knew, Pantera a guitarist with a very versatile flamenco technique, Icho and he had played together for many years in a rockabilly and punk group in his hometown in Mexico.

Pantera proposed to a colleague who played the drawer instead of drums, and so came David, an extraordinary Spanish drawer, with whom he had already shared the stage in the world of flamenco.

This is how the little adventure of an English girl who emigrates to Spain in search of new sounds is born, and gives rise to Jenny and the Mexicats.

The Intercultural Festival of Nations returns to Santander where it will remain installed from August 9 to September 8. In its 14th edition, the festival has become a tourist reference, offering the greatest gastronomic variety of those currently held in Spain, with the presence of more than 50 nations.

This year almost twenty music groups from the city, 16 schools and dance academies from Santander and Cantabria, NGOs, Foundations and Associations of immigrants will participate. More than 500 artists will pass through its stage in a month, including Falete, Jenny & The Mexicats, Argendance ...