11 Sep

Before a drawing of Millares projected on the auditorium screen of the Botín Center, a musician, alone with his instrument , concentrated under an overhead light, improvises and musically recreates the impressions and emotions suggested by the art of Manolo Millares embodied in the paper. It is interpretation, recreation and hermeneutics, synesthesia in its purest form, emotion of the instants created with the sound transformed into suggestion and response, expressive strokes conjugated in the sound magic of instrumental timbres. It is the emotion of art and unpredictable moments.

In the background, the Santander bay dusk under the light of the drawings of Millares and the expressive virtuosity of each musician with his emotions to the surface. It is they, the six musicians, members of ENSEIC, the Instrumental Ensemble of Cantabria created by former scholars of the Botín Foundation who now respond generously to their training acquired with effort.

Attendees to this plastic and sound concert will undoubtedly live a unique experience.

Presentation of the concert:

Benjamin Weil Artistic director of the Botín Center

Luciano González Sarmiento. Botín Foundation music advisor