13 Aug

With this project, the Instrumental Ensemble of Cantabria (ENSEIC) intends to deploy a whole kaleidoscope of sounds emerged in Cantabria to the public. Sounds that, in one way or another, drink from this land, from what is breathed in it through its natural landscapes, but some sounds that do not stay there, that transcend the local through our most restless creators.

Auditorium of the Magdalena

Instrumental Ensemble of Cantabria

Esteban Sanz Vélez, director.
Lara Manzano, flute.
Isabel López, oboe.
Andrés Pueyo, clarinet / bass clarinet.
Adrián Higuera, vibraphone / percussion.
Silvia Carrera, piano.
Daniel García, violin.
Rosa San Martín, viola.
Alberto Gorrochategui, cello.