14 Aug

When you thought you were safe ... The concert begins. The music is sublime. Not a pen would dare to fall to the ground. Suddenly, a cell phone rings and the madness begins. The pianist loses his hand, the violinist, while tuning, falls round to the ground and, later, wakes up in the middle of a highway, transformed into a "Riverdancer". When the pianist returns, the piano is closed asking him to insert his credit card. Talk on the phone while reading, eating and playing the piano upside down, all at the same time. These and many other "nightmares" occur before the eyes and ears of the spectators.

Igudesman & Joo have received high praise for their performances by audiences around the world. The show has gathered thousands of people in theaters ranging from LA Bowl and Carnegie Hall in the West, Concertgebouw from Amsterdam and Philharmonie from Berlin, to Hong Kong City Hall Theater in the East.

A Little Nightmare Music is a unique show, full of virtuosity, lovely and crazy music and hilarious humor. Ideal for audiences between 8 and 88, this show will captivate you and make you mad if you are a classical music enthusiast as well as the type of person who runs away at the slightest mention of Mozart.