15 Sep

Nacho Mastretta is an unparalleled musician, producer and composer of great travel. Cantabrian adoption and active since 1987, his way of composing focuses on the importance of playing together, of sizing a piece of music from the musicians who interpret it, forming a kind of "creative cell."

He turns and publishes albums with his band, produces and remixes other artists, participates in multiple parallel projects (magic, poetry, urban art, dance ...), composes music for fashion shows and performs soundtracks - some nominated for the Goya (' Looking for Fidel ', by Oliver Stone,' Asphalt ', by Daniel Calparsoro or' Many children, a monkey and a castle 'by Gustavo Salmerón). He has recorded, collaborated and toured with countless artists, from Julieta Venegas to Los Planetas, Los Enemigos or Peret.

Mastretta as a family is the adaptation of its world to the children's audience, in which it appeals to the curiosity of children and parents through the universal language of music. Through the game, children will learn the essential values of music, then assume the role, becoming improvisedly interpreters, orchestra conductors and dancers, discovering the emotion, surprise and pleasure of the musical experience.

Family Mastretta are:

Nacho Mastretta: clarinet

Coke Santos: drums / percussion

Marian Soín: violoncello / phonofiddle

Luca Frasca: piano

Show for children from 3 years accompanied by adults.