13 Aug

Son of a family of artists - his father was Falín (1959-2008), a leading member of the Cantores de Híspalis group - he debuted at the Lope de Vega Theater in Seville with 17 years singing for La Chunga.

During the 90s, he participated in various events in different cities of the world, such as Danzas de España.

He has had artistic sponsors such as Jesús Quintero and in his discography there are versions of songs by Bambino, Lola Flores, Rocío Jurado, Chavela Vargas, Isabel Pantoja, José Antonio Labordeta, Javier Oliva Tortosa, or Paco Ibáñez.

The Intercultural Festival of Nations returns to Santander where it will remain installed from August 9 to September 8. In its 14th edition, the festival has become a tourist reference, offering the greatest gastronomic variety of those currently held in Spain, with the presence of more than 50 nations.

This year almost twenty music groups from the city, 16 schools and dance academies from Santander and Cantabria, NGOs, Foundations and Associations of immigrants will participate. More than 500 artists will pass through its stage in a month, including Falete, Jenny & The Mexicats, Argendance ...