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6 Jan

The Orfeón Cántabro will offer a concert at the Santander Cathedral on Monday, January 6, 2020 at 8:00 p.m.

O rfeón Cántabro began its journey in 1963, as its own Entity, not as a reorganization of the Santander Choir. In the tribute that was given in 1958 to Mr. Ramón Saéz de Adana, on the occasion of his death, the desire was expressed to reorganize the Coral, but the truth is that in 1963 this desire had not curdled, and those who promoted the Creation of the Orfeón was very young people who had in mind to create a new Entity, which, yes, came to occupy the void left by the longed-for Coral of Santander, from which he received the good work and the veterancy of some of his former members.

The Orfeón Cántabro has been directed successively by Agustín Latierro, Francisco Vázquez, José María Ibarbia, José Luis Tavera, Luz Pardo, Julio Jaurena, Antonio Noguera, Mariano Saturio and A. Luisa Vázquez. Currently, since 2006, our director is César Vinagrero Lastra.

In the repertoire of the Cantabrian Orfeón there are works of different styles and periods: Popular Music and Cantabrian Culture, Spanish Popular, Hispanoamerican, Habaneras, Carols, Classical Music from different periods: Renaissance, Classicism, Baroque, Romanticism, 20th century music, Musicals , Spiritual etc.


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