30 Sep

Every Monday of the year , veteran Santander bouncer Nanin Rodríguez (founder of the Los Brisas trio in 1952) offers a vision of Santander's soul from the point of view of the city's history, personal experiences, poetry and, above all, del bolero and habanera as two of the musical manifestations of the ethnographic intangible cultural heritage of a city linked to the sea since its foundation in the time of Jesus Christ.

Santander is the first place in Europe where a bolero was played in the first nine years of the 20th century. In the city there are more than 43 formations that have a substantial part of their repertoire in the bolero, jointly offering about half a thousand annual bolero concerts in Cantabria.

In addition, it is the only city on the peninsula that can boast of having two bolero festivals: the Santander Boleros Festival that fills the palace with festivals every year, and he no less important International Meeting of the Bolero del Cantábrico, within which we They visit figures like Los Panchos or Meme Solís.

The Santander teacher, accompanied by Manuel Encabo and several poets from Santander, masterfully combines love for our history, for our traditions and for the soul of a city that Jorge Sepúlveda called "the bride of the sea".