14 Aug

Workshop "Architectural monster", for children and families

Botín Center


The Botín Center has a lot of animal. It looks like a good and quiet monster in Santander Bay. Inside it wonderful things happen, but how is your body, why does it have that shape? And we, why does our body have this shape?

With this workshop and by the hand of Brezo Alcoceba, we seek to reflect on all this through the Botín Center and through a simple globe. The globe is a flexible element of a modular nature, just like the ceramics that cover the skin of the Botín Center. The balloon experiences a change in volume by introducing any gas into it. Faced with its usual use as a decorative object, this workshop will explore your bodily possibilities from a game and experimentation system.

The manipulation of balloons will determine envelopes that will be defined through density, color, shape, volume, silhouette and arrangement on the human body. The result: an architectural monster.

Brezo Alcoceba is an architect and specialist in Plastic Arts and Design. She is a doctor from the Higher Technical School of Architecture of Madrid in 2015 with the thesis artificial skin. Architectural metamorphosis of the body across the surface, research that was exhibited in the Spanish Pavilion of the Venice Architecture Biennale. She worked as an architect in Rafael Moneo's studio until 2013. From that date, she developed her multidisciplinary nature through research, design and teaching. He obtained the Extraordinary Prize in Plastic Arts and Design of the Community of Madrid in 2014, and a year later he was awarded in the XIX Call for Visual Creation Aids, Proposals 2015. His work has participated in parades and exhibition spaces, such like the Museum of the Costume of Madrid and Z Cultural Space Ignacio Zuloaga.

Capacity: 15 people

Duration: 2 hours every day

Activity for single children from 6 years.