13 Sep

The third edition of the Festival del Mar will be held from September 11 to 15 and will feature 9 unique ships, both vintage sailboats such as a Navy ship, a tuna fishing vessel or a transatlantic ship of sustainable trade, among others.

The event will take place at the Calderón pier, between the Maritime Club and the Embarcadero Palace, as well as the Botín Center, under the slogan " Clean seas, live oceans".

Different documentaries will also be screened on the Botín Center screen on September 11, 12 and 13 at 9:00 p.m. "Women of the Sea", directed by Marta Solano; "Ciaboga", by Iñaki Pinedo; two chapters of the "Conquistadores Adventum", series produced by Israel del Santo, Movistar + and Global Set, and the animated film "Elcano and Magallanes, the first round the world", directed by Ángel Alonso and produced by Dibulitoon Studio, are some of the proposals.

This film is inspired by one of the most exciting adventures in history, a trip to the unknown that began in 1519 in Seville and ended three years later in the same place, thus completing an adventure around a planet whose roundness was first demonstrated time. In 1519 five ships departed from Seville with 240 men on board. Only one managed to return with 18 sailors to the brink of death. The protagonists of that expedition financed by the Kingdom of Castile were the Portuguese Fernando de Magallanes, commander of the expedition, and the Basque Juan Sebastián Elcano, the man who managed to complete the mission.

Original title: Elcano and Magellan, the first round the world
Year: 2019
Duration: 90 min.
Country Spain
Direction: Ángel Alonso
Screenplay: José Antonio Vitoria, Garbiñe Losada
Music: Joseba Beristain
Photography: Animation
Cast: Animation
Producer: Dibulitoon Studio / Televisión Española (TVE) / ETB

Program for Friday, September 13

10: 00-23: 30 hours. Opening commercial tents and hospitality

11:00 -14: 00. Free visit to the boats

12: 00-20: 00. Opening associations, NGOs and CSR and institutional tents

12: 30-13: 30. Rescue drill in the bay of Santander.

16: 00-20: 00. Free visit to the boats

five pm. Tribute Juan de Santander. Botín Center Amphitheater

18:00. Recycling Botín Center Amphitheater

7:30 p.m. Iron dresses. Botín Center Amphitheater

19: 30-20: 30. Conference. Maritime Club

From 9:00 p.m. Projection of the children's film Juan Sebastián Elcano. Center Loot Screen