13 Sep

The Maelstrom wants to weave a web of complicity against fascism and wants you to be a part.

The Poetic Surada2019 has as subtitle: "Before the breath of the irreparable," a phrase taken by Rafael Barret and that puts us, now more than in recent decades, before the obligation to resist the onslaught of those who see totalitarianism of fascist genetics the answer to the different crises we are going through. Therefore, they want the sixth edition of La Surada to be a collective cry (sometimes direct, sometimes metaphorical) against the naturalization of that "breath of the irreparable."

The first action that will start this Surada will be a collective performance for which they have invited between 250 and 300 people to voluntarily recreate one of the terrible photos of the La Magdalena concentration camp.

More information here.