24 Aug

In the British Cemetery of Santander , a place anchored in the neighborhood of Cazoña, rest the remains of more than 120 people. Many of them contributed to the industrial development of the late nineteenth century. Some were railway engineers, other businessmen, foreign diplomats, sailors and English soldiers of the time. All Protestants All buried in this unknown urban space before the impossibility of lying in Catholic cemeteries.

Itsaso Iribarren and Germán de la Riva , two creators and researchers in art, learned about the existence of this enclave and verified the potential it had to tell and tell the story of Santander from the experiences of the people who rested there. Both have worked and investigated collective memory, studied historical documents and deepened the architecture of the cemetery. This is how they created An Island in a Neighborhood, an award-winning project in the call for Culture Emprende grants from the Santander Creative Foundation (FSC).

The first action they will take will be the guided visits to this "island" , which will take place on 23, 24, 25, 30, August 31 and September 1 at 11:00 and 12:30. A special visit, designed with a hybrid format, that combines the traditional guided tour with the art of performance so that participants approach the history of the cemetery in a different way.

The groups will be formed by a maximum of 25 people who, at all times, will be accompanied by two performers and facilitators who will perform the functions of guidance and accompaniment. Each visitor will have headphones to listen to the explanatory texts and the content of the visit as well as the instructions of the proposed dynamics, ambient sounds and music.

Designed for all types of audiences, those interested in taking the tour will have to register by sending an email to unaislaenunbarrio@gmail.com indicating the name and ID of the people interested and the day and time of the pass to be attended. A maximum of two tickets per person may be requested and visits will be free. All information can also be consulted by going to www.unaislaenunbarrio.com .