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They arrest a man for threatening a family member who was at home with a gun.


National Police agents arrested on Sunday October 6, a male, JAMH, 51 years old, of Spanish nationality and a neighbor of Santander, as alleged perpetrator of a crime of serious threats with a firearm, about relatives who were at his home in Santander.
About 12:45 on October 6, the call was received in the Service of 091, from a very upset woman stating that her brother-in-law had appeared at his home carrying a shotgun, which had threatened to kill him, He immediately got on board his vehicle and left the place.
Several police patrols immediately moved to the scene. While one of them reassured the woman, the second proceeded to carry out a safety sweep in the vicinity, which was fruitful by locating a vehicle circulating around the vicinity of May Day that fully matched the description provided by the woman.

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