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The neighbors had denounced and won the trial of Gesvican for water leaks in the parking lot


The Minister of Housing of the Government of Cantabria, José Luis Gochicoa, has acknowledged that the neighbors had denounced in the Court to the public company Gesvican, a promoter, and to the winning company, the UTE Dragados-Ascan, for water leaks in the parking lot that today has suffered the collapse, but has indicated that "in no expert report" - before the judicial process - it was pointed out that there was "structural risk with regard to garages; yes risk of moisture seepage". The neighbors have remembered that they won the lawsuit against Gesvican. "Now surely it will be when they do something," they have lamented.

Gochicoa says that perhaps "the weight of the earth is the most immediate cause" of the sinking due to the "overload" of humidity after the intense rains of the last months

Gochicoa has assured that the technicians will have to determine what have been the causes of the sinking and has announced that his department will commission an external report to know what could have happened, although he has said that the pillars and the foundation of the parking lot seems to be "good ". The counselor has therefore insisted that perhaps "the weight of the land is the most immediate cause" of the sinking due to the "overload" of humidity after the heavy rains of recent months, although he has also recognized that the car park was built with the design of a park and a sports track on it. Gochicoa has indicated that now the important thing is to know if there has been any personal damage and if not, from that moment start with the reports to determine the reason why this land has sunk, which affects an area similar to a football field.

As for the houses, both Gochicoa and the mayor of Santander, Gema Igual, have explained that the slabs are different from those of the parking lot, so no neighbor has been evicted , although the structure of the buildings will also be analyzed.

The Government of Cantabria guarantees a solution

The Government of Cantabria has guaranteed a solution to the collapse, this morning, of a children's playground on the underground parking of a residential complex located in Nueva Montaña, in Tomás and Valiente street of Santander, and promoted by the public company Gesvican between the years 2004 and 2006. The regional president, Miguel Ángel Revilla; the vice president, Pablo Zuloaga, and the counselors of Public Works and Housing, José Luis Gochicoa, and of the Presidency and Interior, Paula Fernández Viaña, responsible for the area of Civil Protection, have approached early in the morning to the place of the facts to verify the scope of the event, which, according to the first investigations, has not caused personal injury. Those responsible for the Autonomous Government have also reassured the neighbors, who will not have to leave their homes because, according to technicians, and in the absence of official confirmation , the foundation has no changes and there is no risk of collapse.

"We get down to work for everyone, we are not going to hide and the first thing is going to be a solution to this problem from the Government," said Gochicoa. In the absence of technical confirmation, the counselor has pointed out as a possible cause of the sinking of an "overload" on the floor slab due to the weight of the moistened soil. "In theory that would have to be calculated for these needs and that is what we are going to check," he added. The Government of Cantabria, which works in coordination with the Santander City Council, has already contacted a company to proceed with the extraction of the materials and also with the winners of the project, the UTE Dragados-Ascan. Likewise, and without prejudice to the reports made by the technicians, the Executive has commissioned an independent assessment to help clarify what happened.

On the other hand, the regional vice president, Pablo Zuloaga, has reported on his Twitter account that the president of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez , has just transferred his "concern and solidarity" with the families affected by the sinking, after having spoken with the Mayor of Santander, Gema Igual, and with the regional president, Miguel Ángel Revilla.

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