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Health will strengthen the area of food security to intensify health surveillance and protection


The Minister of Health, Miguel Rodríguez, has advanced that among his "most immediate" plans is to strengthen the area of Food Security to intensify his work of surveillance and protection of health.

This has been transferred to the general secretary of the TÚ (United Workers) union, Isabel Rodríguez, with whom he has met to address issues related to the staff of the general administration of the Ministry.

During the meeting, which reports Health, both have agreed on the need to review and modify the relationship of jobs (RPT) of the Ministry, to adapt it to "real needs" and provide it with "fundamental" positions in areas " strategic ", such as the aforementioned Food Security.

"Always, yes, adjusting to the budget availability of the moment," said the counselor, who clarified in this regard that the occupation of certain jobs "requires as an essential requirement knowledge or experience in the health sector."

In addition, he has promised to meet the needs of personnel that arise so that "in no case" is compromised the safety of people.

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