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Author of the 'Neocueva' of Altamira states that the bison of the 'Polychrome Roof' was made by the same person.


Professor Pedro Saura, author of the recreation of the paintings and prints of the 'Neocueva' of Altamira with Matilde Múzquiz, argues that the bison of the 'Polychrome Roof' of the original cavity was the work of the same person, to the who considers "a genius."

This was stated during the conference he has given at the National Museum and Research Center of Altamira on the occasion of the Day of Rock Art, in which he has revealed some secrets contained in this cavity.

Saura and Múzquiz studied and analyzed in depth the figures of the cave from their formation as plastic artists and knowledge of the Paleolithic art of Altamira, getting the Neocueva, which, according to the Museum, is "one of the most applauded recreations of cavities with art rock ".

For its realization, they always adjusted to work protocols with a high scientific content and followed the same execution processes, the same elements, useful and pigments that were used by their paleolithic "colleagues", as Saura calls them.

"We did not want to do something to visually resemble Altamira, we wanted to do Altamira," said Saura at the conference.

In a statement, the Museum explains that, to carry out the study of the processes and work order of the people who made the Polychrome Roof, Saura and Múzquiz got into the skin of the artists, analyzed it from the point in view of these, which allowed them to reach objective conclusions of how the paintings, drawings and prints were made, following those same steps in the execution of the replica.

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