11 Aug

It is the theater in its purest form ... The raw material: Only passion ... and a couple of tables! The phrase is attributed to Lope de Vega and also to Cervantes ... but who coined it? The two greats have flooded the theater of ingenuity and poetry for all time. Both are included in this show along with other greats that dance in a circle, such as the celestial bodies in the sky. Love is the nuclear center of this dance. The bodies that dance, in addition to Shakespeare and Lope, are San Juan de la Cruz, Teresa de Jesus, Cervantes, Quevedo, Fray Luis de León, San Francisco de Asís and "the blood of a rose" ... the tremor of their Petals drove me to this show with the violin music of my friend Javier Alejano. Valle Inclán said that when the ship arrives at its port, sailors forget the craft of sailing and sailing. Love is the port. Forgetting the trade is finally an old aspiration, the goal of a true comedian: not work, forget the trade, just play and play and dance around these texts of fire.