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17 Jan

It is said that since our birth we are all in search of our mother's heartbeat to feel more serene in the face of our existence. Each one looks for it and does it in their own way. For Sofia, dancing and laughing, all together, is getting closer to that continuous breathing. He would like life to be a constant party, a union without pause, an endless fun. Can you imagine being able to laugh all your life?

This show addresses a very human issue: our intimate hope linked to our misery. Hope since all desire is possible, misfortune since everything is ephemeral, encountering the inevitable reality of life. It's about the pursuit of happiness, and for the author, talking about happiness is talking about fear in the face of our existential emptiness. " Together " talks about conditioning to the party to forget our questions and our fear of not understanding, to simply be happy in an immediate temporality.

Fanny Giraud is an actress and trainer, Passionate about the art of the clown, Fanny has been developing it for 12 years around two axes: acting and training. He decides to specialize and focus all his attention on the performance of the clown because he loves to deepen and seek the absolute freedom for which he needs the work of a lifetime.

The decision to move slowly, to take time to set up projects, to allow them to grow, to have more and more strength and serenity has, for some time, been a priority for her.


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