26 Sep

This project has a natural strength, Marcelino's character is the star, but above all is the infinite livid that the profession and the media have procured to this immense artist who succumbed to a change of era with the arrival of the cinema, He hung on a cable that he could not negotiate.

The company wants to give recognition not only to Marcellin, but to all those artists of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century who did not know, or failed to adapt to the new artistic trends of the time.

Marcelino Orbés was born in Jaca (Huesca) in 1873 and at six he was already part of the circus world. He performed in Barcelona, Amsterdam and London, but it was in New York where he became the "best clown in the world."

Art direction and choreography, Marcos Marco

Dancers, Juliette Guiraud, Gen Isomi, Juliette Jean, Hinako Maetani and Claudia Sportelli.