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15 Jan

Are we blind The Lamb starts from a miraculous event, the recovery of sight, to immerse ourselves, however, in a blinding experience. In it, heaven, hell and purgatory are confused with each other and, likewise, with a brothel in which flaming bodies officiate strange rituals where the roles of victim and executioner are interchangeable. In this world, to wake up, you need to close your eyes a second time.

The Lamb uses dance as a code to interrogate the contemporary viewer about the current situation.

The poetics of the body as a way of knowledge: the young Italian Hispanic company Kor "sia faces the great questions of philosophy from contemporary dance: who am I? Where do I come from and where am I going?

Direction: Mattia Russo and Antonio de Rosa

Cast: Mar Aguiló, Astrid Bramming, Laura De Carolis, Antonio de Rosa, Agnès López-Río, Alejandro Moya, Mattia Russo and Giulia Russo


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