19 Sep

"That's the story of my life" features an audiovisual autobiography narrated with the stop-motion object animation technique. A film built live as memory flashes, as files open to the past, where the successes and folly of a life parade that the spectator must spin and order to rebuild.

A family album but no family, according to the words of the Sevillian artist Macarena Remember Shepherd, made with different visual supports.

Macarena Remember Shepherd has done different projects in collaboration with the artists Txalo Toloza, Amalia Fernández, Josunene, Amanda Pola and Vicente Arlandis. It belongs to the La Sauna International collective. In addition, she has been awarded numerous awards, including the Huesca Fair Award for the most innovative show on tour of 2011 and the Drac d "or the Millor Dramaturgy 2012 at the Fira de Tietelles de Lleida.

At the end of the show, the Macarena Remember Shepherd team will offer a talk about the process of creating this work and will answer any questions the public wishes to raise.

A show by Macarena Remember Shepherd dedicated to Sr. Polissó.

With the collaboration of the artist Manu Morales.

Video and edition: Gorka Bilbao.

Zootropes: Alberto Pastore.