24 Aug

* August 24: "Project Dédalo", by Ábrego Teatro

Public: from 14 years.

Duration: 60 minutes

Interpreters: Áureo Gómez and Fernando Madrazo.

Address: Pati Domenech.

Synopsis: three generations, two actors and a problem: alcohol. Just as Daedalus ignored the advice of his father Icarus and wanted to fly to the sun producing a great fall when melting his wax wings, the protagonist of this work ignores the advice of his elders and suffers a great fall. In this case, the one that causes alcohol abuse. A simple metaphor based on Greek mythology will support a story that aims to be understood by young people and adults as a reflection on alcohol abuse and the consequences it produces among teenagers. An approach to this delicate matter through humor and irony.

This is one of the proposals of the Theater of a summer night, an initiative designed by Hilo Producciones and Ábrego Teatro and sponsored by the Santander Creative Foundation (FSC), which tries to bring the performing arts closer to summer nights.


They can be purchased through the entradium.com sales channel and at the box office one hour before the performances. They are priced at ten euros and can be booked by calling 676.246.261 from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.