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11 Jan

" The park. Childhood between cards" is the ninth title of the main collection of the publishing house, La Neurosis or Las Barricadas. In this title, Julio Rubio Gómez offers us a work full of life, hope, pain and empathy, about marginalized childhood (and adolescence). In this work the heart of the urban periphery beats, as an embodiment of a set of contradictions (its solidarity and its violence, helplessness and vitality) that define the edges of our world.

" The park. Childhood between cards " is something like an autobiography of a neighborhood in a big city through a neighboring social educator. This autobiography is, at the same time, an x-ray of social services, their institutions, their professionals and the tangled network that constitutes the social protection system for children. This radiography is the story of a voice, that of Julio Rubio Gómez himself, who interacts with all those voices that drown in the dehumanization of this great child protection system, something similar to a hungry gear of people.

The neighborhood, life, poverty, stigma, etc., form this scenario that clashes and struggles with the logic of university institutions that theorize about that reality to build a theoretical framework, composed of users, professionals, programs, projects, public and private entities, etc., unable to do anything other than generate an industry around marginalization. In this sense, the park. Childhood between cartons seems the antimanual that every professional of Social Education and, by extension, the professionals of Psychopedagogy, Social Work and, in general, of every teacher, could never read in their faculties. There is only a total disregard for any vision that looks to the street with practical empathy from face to face with the institutions with all its rigidity, theoretical impetus and suffocating professionalism.

A simple and forceful reading written from the heart of the neighborhood, made of suffering, complicity and dignity. Not suitable for equidistant.

The meeting, which will take place on Saturday, January 11, 2020, will be attended by the author of the work, Julio Rubio Gómez.


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