28 Aug

Susana Benet (Valencia, 1950). He graduated in Psychology in 1981 from the University of Valencia. He performed administrative work in different companies. It has been included in several anthologies: "Japanese Heart Poets" (2006) and "Haiku Tertulia" (2007). "Brisa del mar" and "Dog without an owner" (both published by the UCLM, 2007-2008). In 2007 he won the 2nd Haiku Prize at the I International Haiku Contest organized by the Castilla-La Mancha University, and in 2013 the 1st Haiku Prize from Medellín City. He has published books such as "Lighthouse of the Forest" (2006), "Footprints of Beetle" (2011), "The Creeper" (2015), "Crickets and Moon" (2018) or "Gift of the Night" (2018).

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