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11 Jan

The Machina Theater brings to the Festival Palace the representation of " Olivia and the Feathers" , a show based on the story of Susanna Isern and Esther Gili.

Julia Ruiz Carazo, address

With Patricia Cercas and Fernando Madrazo

Olivia, the protagonist of this story, lives in a town near the forest. Olivia has a secret and she has a special gift: she can communicate with animals.

Thanks to this gift, one day he discovers that the lake is drying up and that the fish need to reach the sea. They ask you to look for pens to help them.

At that moment, Olivia begins an intense search to collect dozens of feathers. He asks the sparrows, the traveling storks, the fearsome eagle ...

After a while, Oliva gets many pens, but does not know what to do with them. One night, stare at the starry sky, the wind takes each of its feathers to give life to a real magic: Olivia will understand why so many feathers, unleashing a surprising end.


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