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7 Jan

On Tuesday, January 7, at 7:00 p.m., the photography exhibition "Crossroads" by Miguel Eiriz opens. The sample, located in the room on the ground floor, can be visited until January 31.

The author does not focus on a single theme. In this exhibition we will see portraits of animals and people, street photography, some landscape and even photography of Skate and BMX. Eiriz tells us that his love of photography is born from his admiration for the talents of others, people who draw, paint, play instruments or dominate the dance and reach the public generating a feeling in it. In the same way, he tries to reach us with people, animals or the different situations captured through the lens of his camera.

A computer profession and resident in Santander, Miguel Eiriz's life is also a crossroads. With a Cantabrian mother and a Galician father, he was born in Venezuela and came to Spain at the age of three, settling in Vigo, Galicia. It was there that for the first time he touched his father's analog camera and where he began to be curious about this field, receiving his first notions and starting that hobby that has taken him to this day.

In 1999 he moved to Santander, where he has lived since then, continuing his studies. Once finished, he begins to develop his profession and buys his first digital camera. When, in the year 2011, he gave way to SLR cameras, he decided to start his career with the photograph of Skate and BMX. He greatly appreciates that time and therefore opens the exhibition with photos of this category.

After that, he opened expanding horizons and incorporating different themes: street photo, portraits, animals. He likes photography in general and wants to show us his vision in the different fields and moments of life, with everything that has generated a crossroads with his eyes and his goal.


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