29 Sep

The Calder Stories exhibition gives us a better understanding of the artist, but for those who want to know him more and better, the Botín Center organizes this experimentation workshop with Yolanda Gil, based on the sculptures that Calder made using the wire as an expressive medium.

All together and as a family, through sketches and models, we will reflect on the expressive potential of the line. We will start from a two-dimensional image and we will extract information until we keep the essentials. Once this exercise of abstraction has been completed, we will build our own sculpture using materials similar to those used by the artist, shaping them with techniques and tools of the jewelry.

Yolanda Gil is an art historian, Master in Heritage Management and a Graduate in Plastic Arts in the specialty of Artistic Jewelry by the Escola Massana de Barcelona. Her work as a contemporary jewelry has been exhibited in different national and international exhibitions. His interest in the jewel does not focus on the decorative function but on its artistic and symbolic potential. Therefore, he is the perfect person to approach the creative process of Calder from another discipline that has a lot to do with sculpture but that will give you a new look towards elements as everyday as the rings, earrings or bracelets that we use almost daily.

Capacity: 15 people. Workshop aimed at children from 6 years old accompanied by adults