16 Sep

The beautiful but terrible version of the Grimm Brothers has become a musical that, without losing sight of the sad story of the two brothers, is full of humor and tenderness. Hansel and Gretel's relationship, music, songs and beautiful choreographies ...

It is a vibrant show, a surprisingly constructed work, with amazing, varied and colorful settings; high-quality musical numbers and some endearing human characters, funny and tender ... and the odd ones too.

Brothers Hansel and Gretel, the selfish stepmother, the hapless father, the wicked witch and, of course, the delicious chocolate house, will thrill the little spectators. The groundbreaking, cheerful and casual note is put by an original character, the donkey, with whom the children stumble into the forest and accompany them in much of their adventure.

The relationship of these characters lightens the emotional burden of the story and emphasizes the positive dimension of the story: the union and ingenuity of three helpless beings overcome evil. While giving rise to fun musical numbers.