13 Aug

Literary Tuesday 2019. Coordinators and presenters: Guillermo Balbona and Regino Mateo

Paraninfo de la Magdalena, 7:00 p.m. Free entry until complete seats.

Tuesday, August 13

Cristina Morales (Granada, 1985)

Cristina Morales, a graduate in Law and Political Science and a specialist in International Relations, is the author of the novels Los combatantes (Trojan Horse, 2013), awarded the Injuve Prize for Narrative 2012 and Modern Terrorists (Candaya, 2017). His stories have appeared in numerous anthologies and literary magazines.

In 2017 he was awarded the Montserrat Roig Writing Scholarship, in 2015 that of the Han Nefkens Foundation and in 2007 that of the Antonio Gala Foundation for Young Creators. He is currently a resident artist at the La Caldera Creation Factory (Barcelona) as a member of the contemporary dance company Female Sexual Initiative. After Bad Words and the aforementioned Modern Terrorists, chronicle of the frustrated uprising against Fernando VII in 1816, at the end of last year he won the Herralde Prize with the celebrated Easy Reading (Anagram), where the diverse and supposed intellectual disability of four women living in a sheltered apartment in Barcelona does not prevent them from reflecting evictions, machismo, sexuality or moral and economic precariousness. She is considered one of the most powerful novelists of that generation that today is around thirty.