21 Aug

Orlando Britto, cultural manager, art critic and independent curator of exhibitions and contemporary art projects, currently artistic director of the Atlantic Center of Modern Art (CAAM) of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, under the title "Notes on the margins of the notebook of restlessness and serenity "proposes a walk to talk and approach Manolo Millares in his role as archaeologist and poet.

The exhibition The silent scream. Thousands on paper chronologically traces its production and its different stages. It gathers in the exhibition hall on the 1st floor an extensive selection that incorporates unpublished drawings guarded in the family collection, examples of its academic beginnings, its landscapes with watercolors, its surrealist compositions, its works of Guanche influence, to finally enter fully and center the exhibition around the works he made between 1955 and 1972.

Manolo Millares (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 1921 - Madrid, 1972) expresses itself from the beginning through paper. His drawings have the same strength and validity of expression as their fabrics, constituting a vehicle, a fast and spontaneous way of communication. This way of facing the drawing gives his work a new dimension that is framed in the new language after the experiences of American expressionism.

His drawings retain more than in other artists of his time, his indelible mark, the one that essentially defines his world, representative of a whole generation. His art is the sign and gesture that rises in some dark moments in the history of the country being in his works on paper, where it is clearly perceived. Related to their arpilleras, they have great strength so they should never be considered sketches or minor work and are at the height of the best of their production.

The exhibition, curated by Mª José Salazar, includes very special series for its content of denunciation, such as "The priests" created between 1960 and 1964 or "Mussolini Series" or "Animals in the desert", both from 1971, and which had great influence on their subsequent burlap.

Along with the works of the family collection, others belonging to private collections, museums and foundations are shown, making this exhibition an unquestionable reference to learn about the drawing career of Manolo Millares.

Capacity: 27 people

Duration: 1 hour