24 Aug

Artistic expression is part of human nature. It exists since we exist. And, therefore, it is the result of a process of natural evolution and, also, of the evolution of each one of us. Music and dance are a kind of universal language, a way of expressing and transmitting emotions and feelings. And flamenco is in Andalusia its most significant expression, its deepest root. A cultural manifestation of an entire town, born from its own roots and fed by its intrinsic and unique history.

The Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía , institutional dance company of the Junta de Andalucía, represents this community and puts its most unique art on stage all over the world, where it reaps important achievements as an artistic company - with great public success and criticism - that have been recognized in its history for example with the National Choreography Award or a Max Award for the best female dance performance. To this we must add, in addition, the fundamental role it plays in the face of attracting new audiences and the extension of Andalusian culture with quality shows and the fact that it is a public company - and therefore an institutional responsibility - that provides stable work to a significant professional team becoming a great opportunity for Andalusian artists who are part of it.