18 Aug

The vibrant company will make an exciting mixed program of new and existing ballet and contemporary works by leading choreographers in the world, including Imponderable by the visionary Spanish choreographer Goyo Montero, inspired by the music of the outstanding Cuban folk musician Silvio Rodríguez and Jorge Crecis. Twelve , an energetic, mathematical-sports dance piece. Acosta himself will perform in two works: Maliphant's exciting solo , Two , a piece that made Sylvie Guillem famous and is among the best in the modern British repertoire, and the mythical duo of Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Mermaid .

Carlos Acosta, address


Goyo Montero, choreography
Music by Owen Belton, about songs by Silvio Rodríguez
Goyo Montero and Angelo Alberto, costume design
Goyo Montero and Olaf Lundt, light design
Iván Gil Ortega, assistant to the choreographer

Imponderable is a reflection on the incomprehensible, the indescribable and what, as the title says, we cannot measure, the weight of the soul, the spirit. How to measure an emotion.


Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, choreography
Jason Kittelberger, rehearsal director
Woojae Park, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, music
Erik Satie, additional music
Hussein Chalayan, costumes
Fabiana Piccioli, light design

Choreography of the Belgian Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui created especially for Carlos Acosta and the company Acosta Danza


Russell Maliphant, choreography Andy Cowton, music
Michael Hulls, lighting design

The magnificent adaptation of Acosta by Russell Maliphant, Two, which became famous for Sylvie Guillem in 2004 and is among the best modern British repertoire. The dancer is kept inside a small rectangular box, surrounded by a larger rectangle of light. The dancer spins with greater excitement, finally erupting like a moving dervish, with her hands and feet moving in a blur of light and movement. Michael Hulls Extraordinary lighting turns the dancer's hands and feet into flames of fire. The body of the dancer seems to evaporate in the vortex.


Jorge Crecis, concept and direction
Fernando Balsera, choreography assistant
Vincenzo Lamagna, music
Eva Escribano, costumes
Michael Mannion and Warren Letton, lights

Twelve is a dance-sport piece, a universe regulated by complex mathematical and graphic permutations, a real risk that tests the physical and mental resistance of 12 dancers who have to do the impossible to achieve the impossible.
Twelve is a combination of logic, aesthetics and emotion, a puzzle that plays with the concepts of success and failure, risk and pragmatism and explores the limits of the human body. Twelve has been an exclusive recreation for Acosta Danza from piece 36 created in 2011 for the Edge company and presented in 2012 at the Royal Opera House in London.